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unddone asked:
heyy! i'm crazy about photography (i'm inspired by you) and i really want to go ahead with it. but i'm only 16 and have an iphone... how do you think i should start?


You are already ready. start with your iPhone. if you look back at my feed on Instagram i used to shoot with nothing but an iPhone 4 and then a iPhone 5 what i currently have. it wasn’t till about September of last real until i was able to buy my very first camera. What tools you have isn’t gonna make you good. imagine if you were able to pick out whatever camera you wanted you think the camera is going to make you shoot better? the answer is no. its your eye thats gonna makes the picture how you look at things and the perceptive you look at them. Yea having a good camera does help out in certain situations but its not gonna make you a better photog. just use your phone take A LOT of picture of whatever YOU think looks good. don’t worry about what people think or say about your work as long as YOU enjoy it and are having fun while doing it thats all that matter.